I have a Norcold 1200 RV refrigerator that flashes "no co" what does this mean?

My refrigerator stopped cooling all together on my RV. I’ve had two services centers work on it and it seems they are just tossing parts at it now without knowing the problem.

The code “no co” means that the refrigerator Thermistor is not sensing enough of a temperature drop and due to that, has locked the refrigerator out. This code is very generic and could be the cause of any one component that effects the cooling of the unit. Cooling unit, Thermistor, AC Heater, one of your elements on propane, running the unit off level, etc.

The best way to troubleshoot this unit is to reset the board (pin 15 or pin 5 depending on your board) to ground to get it out of the lockout. From there you will need to put the refrigerator in bypass mode by turning it on the coldest setting and disconnecting your Thermistor (located at your light fixture). This will tell the refrigerator to run continuously. This will help you eliminate some of the possible issues. If the refrigerator cools fine, you have a bad Thermistor.

I contacted RV Vacation Nation and spoke to a Norcold Technician to get the information. It might be worthwhile for you to do as well. Cost me $20 but probably saved $100’s…