what are some fun camping ideas for a group of 4?

me and my best friend are both taking some girls camping this weekend at lake pleasant in az. i was wondering if you had any suggestions on some fun things we can do. (take into note that it gets pretty hot during the day and we are trying to start a new relationship with these girl) thnx

Well your at a lake so the obvious answer is swinning, Im not familiar with Lake Pleasant but you could go fishing or rent jet skis for the day. At night, camping+liquor=win

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I own a c class rv and have water damage above the cab."the part that hangs over" any idea on how to fix!?

I need to know how to repair water damaged wood!

Seal the top of roof first before putting any money into the repair. If the wood is damaged remove it and replace it by tacking it in..from the sides from one piece to another at the ends. Using screws would be best. Be sure to use a drill bit to pre drill first so the wood will not split at the ends. Since it is put together with 2"x2"`s. Then replace the wood panels.

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Rutledge Lake RV Park Tour, Asheville, NC

Rutledge Lake RV Park, Asheville, NC

Duration : 0:7:8

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What are some girl scouts crafts, songs and food ideas for camping?

I am in a new girl scout troop, and they have never done a real camping trip with Lateran’s and cooking over fires and, I need some food ideas and song ideas to get this troop into a real experience. Thanks

Start by doing a campout with another ‘experienced’ troop. When my girls were Brownies, we camped with a Junior troop that had been camping several times. The younger girls LOVED having the bigger girls there to show them what to do, and it took a lot of the stress off of me and the other adults because the older girls also came prepared with songs, crafts, and food ideas.

The first step to a successful campout is planning. No matter what their age, sit down with the girls and find out what they want to get out of the trip. If they want to earn try-it, badges, etc – then look at your book and find one or two that relate to being outdoors. The nest thing is to find out what the girls want to eat while camping (remind them there is no microwave in the woods). It is important for the girls to tell you what they will eat. Once they have all made suggestions: rule out what girls can’t have (for example, if a girl is lactose intolerant you don’t want to serve Mac N Cheese for dinner) and then have the girls vote on the choices for each meal. One choice per meal is best for everyone. A typical one night menu for us would be Tacos in a bag (aka walking taco salad) for dinner the first night (S’mores for dessert), omelets in a bag with fruit and mini bagels for breakfast, and sandwiches for lunch (cold cuts and PB& J) with fruit, chips,and a dessert for lunch. I agree about limiting the cold cuts too.

It is important for the girls come up with the shopping list, the gear list (who’s bringing the stove, lantern, etc), and personal equipment list. If the girls take ownership of the trip, they will enjoy it more than if they feel like they ‘have to do it’…

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Bolt soundtrack #8 “The RV Park” *DOG FACE* XD

I’m sorry XD
Cause I begin with the 8th song XD Not too logical =]
But I LOVE how Bolt doing the “Dog face” LOL
And this is the part, where Mittens shows it to Bolt ;D

So.. this is the 8th song of the soundtrack!! Called “The RV Park” .. Why? I dunno XD



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Rock Crusher Canyon Rv Park

A tour of Rock Crusher Canyon Rv Park and our visit their.
See More At: http://lamorerving.com

Duration : 0:6:46

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